USCG Small Arms Firing Range Repair

Base Kodiak, Alaska 

As a small business partner to AECOM, AKS provided design services for the repair of an existing Small Arms Firing Range (SAFR) in Kodiak, AK. The existing SAFR did not meet the requirements of ETL 11-18 and did not currently support the USCG requirements for small arms training. Due to funding limitations of the project, bringing the SAFR up to full compliance with ETL 11-18 was not achievable. The design objective was to provide elements to improve the range in the interim with a fixed firing line and provide a structure that can lead to potential compliance with the ETL 11-18 under future projects. 

USCG Upper Government Hill Housing

Base Kodiak, Alaska 

The Upper Government Hill Housing project includes the design and construction of a new housing development similar to the existing Aviation Hill Housing development located on the USCG Kodiak Base. This design-build project consists of 10 family housing duplexes (20 housing units) including site clearing and grubbing, rough grading, completion of curbs, street sidewalks, driveway access ramps, utilities stubbed to all 10 lots. Several sustainable features have been integrated into the design of each duplex that include higher insulation values, significant reduction in envelope leakage, LED lighting, energy efficient HVAC system, water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances, and low VOC and recycled materials. These materials have also been selected to provide the most comfortable environment for the families that will be occupying the duplexes.

This project is LEED for Homes Certified.

USCG Hangars 1, 2 & 3 Clerestories Repair

Base Kodiak, Alaska 

The Hangar 1, 2, and 3 Clerestories Replacement project included the replacement of the existing failing translucent clerestory panels, repair to the existing metal wall panels, and replacement of selected roofing. The project began with an on-site evaluation of the three hangars to determine what specific issues were occurring. During the on-site investigation it became apparent there were several problems with the existing window system including accelerated aging, de-lamination, leaking, and wind damage.

The design team and US Coast Guard personnel developed a concept design solution for Hangar 2 East elevation that proposed replacing the existing clerestory system with a high endurance and impact resistant storefront glazing system. It also became apparent the surrounding metal wall panels would need to be replaced. In 2009 the design team prepared a construction package for the emergency repair of the Hangar 1 South clerestory following a storm that severely damaged the existing clerestory, siding, and roof. Following the emergency repair, the US Coast Guard tasked the design team with preparing construction packages for the replacement of all remaining Hangar clerestories. Over the course of six years, all of the Hangar clerestories were replaced with the last finishing in the fall of 2013. 

USCG Building 20 Renovation

Base Kodiak, Alaska 

As a sub-consultant AECOM, AKS participated in an initial site investigation of the existing buildings currently used by the BOSS. Base Operations and Support Services (BOSS) contractor buildings are located throughout the US Coast Guard (USCG) Kodiak Base. The USCG’s goal is to designate specific areas of the base for the BOSS to improve efficiency and separate its operations from those serving the USCG’s core missions. This project includes the renovation to Building 20 to accommodate and consolidate different facets of the BOSS contractor into one location.

Building 20 is a 1940’s Hangar that is used for administration and storage. Under this project, the east open portion of the hangar is renovated to include a variety of new shop, office, personnel spaces, and a pre-manufactured metal storage mezzanine. The new spaces also receive new HVAC and electrical systems. Minimal site work is included that consists of the reconfiguration of the exterior concrete walks and  utility work.

USCG Buildings 10, 20, & 23 Repairs

Base Kodiak, Alaska

This project includes the renovation and repair to historical Buildings 10 and 23 and the exterior repairs and hangar door renovation of historical Building 20. The exterior repairs to Buildings 10 and 23 include a new metal wall panel enclosure to wrap the perimeter of the buildings to encapsulate the existing deteriorating steel sash windows and metal siding. The new wall enclosure is suspended off the existing steel structure and concrete base wall. The majority of existing spaces within the two buildings are demolished leaving the interior of the buildings open for a storage occupancy.

The exterior repairs to Building 20 include the removal of the existing standing seam metal roofing and replacement with a modified bituminous membrane roofing system as well as the removal and replacement of portions of the existing metal wall panels. The existing hangar doors are refurbished with new metal wall panel infill, paint, weatherstripping, and restoration of the existing steel sash windows.

Building 23's construction was completed in October 2015. Building 10 and 20 repairs have not yet been constructed.

USCG FOL Cold Bay New Hangar

Cold Bay, Alaska

Currently, the Coast Guard utilizes one MH-60T helicopter, housed in a hangar recently renovated. This new project provides a hangar to house a second MH-60T helicopter, which is adjacent to the existing hangar.

The new 6,529 SF hangar has been designed using methods of assembly that have been proven by the existing hangar to withstand Cold Bay’s extreme climate. The facility includes the main hangar bay, mechanical room, office, restroom, and breezeway that connects the new hangar to the existing. 

The project was also designed with several sustainable features that include water efficient landscaping, enhanced refrigerant management, optimized energy performance of 14%, recycled materials, low emitting materials, moisture control, and biobased products.