AKS’s goal is to offer quality architectural programming, space planning and design. Our charrette design process, where all necessary parties come together and quickly generate solutions, has been proven to be effective at creating cost-effective and programmatically appropriate solutions. This is demonstrated on many of our projects as we have been able to provide service for many of our clients through all phases of life of the building: Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance.  


AKS provides planning services to various organizations, with projects often leading to the execution of Final Design documents, construction, and facility occupancy. This complete cycle gives a unique vantage point when approaching planning projects for clients. Quality planning efforts result in completed projects that are on target with the agency and user’s requirements, while providing a flexible facility that can respond to future demands.

Sustainable Building

AKS is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This ensures that even if a project is not seeking a LEED™ Certification, that green building concepts will be incorporated. AKS also provides the whole building outlook that is necessary for the LEED™ certification process, from the beginning of a project planning through owner occupancy. Two of AKS's Navy projects have achieved LEED™  Gold Certification and one USCG project has achieved LEED for Homes Certification.