EPA Region 10 Manchester CWA Laboratory 

Port Orchard, Washington

In cooperation with Homeland Security, the EPA has just finalized construction of a CWA (chemical warfare agent) lab. This laboratory suite has been specifically designed for the assay of ultra dilute specimens of certain toxins known to be chemical weapons. The project ties into the existing central facilities systems in the mechanical rooms. The AKS team provided complete design and construction phase services.

A series of pass-throughs serve as a conduit for the conveyance for specimens from station to station, and room to room, starting at the exterior of the building. Specimens are received into the AHRF (All Hazard Receipt Facility), processed in the glove box and sent on for extraction and analysis.

Other portions of the project included new suites for General Chemistry, Microbiology, Parasitology and Pathogenics. Support spaces included Microbiology Prep, Media Prep and a Biohazards lab.